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Inspired by the success of our preschool Xnaq’tz Nab’l Qchman and the David Jimenez Learning Center we have launched a project to build a NEW COMMUNITY SCHOOL. The school will be based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education and offer the youth of Cajolá a high-quality education through the ninth grade based on the Mam language and culture and incorporating local community knowledge. We’ve owned the land for some time, but the project is finally beginning to take shape.

The first step was having all of our teachers brainstorm what they would like in this new school. All these ideas – prioritized – went to our pro bono architect, Jennifer Cooper, who made the initial design. We have a pro bono architect in Guatemala as well, courtesy of Rotary International of Quetzaltenango, Roberto Davila.

We first had to address the site’s lack of access! After lots of negotiations with the neighbors in this still somewhat rural area of Cajolá a road was dug out.

So, now we are working on the second round of design.


A New Community School

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