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Our Team

We have two Boards of Directors, one for Grupo Gajolá in Cajolá and one for Grupo Cajolá in North America. Each board runs each organization independently but of course there is an enormous amount of communication and coordination. Each organization has a Coordinator, our term for the Executive Director. Eduardo Jimenez, one of the founders of Grupo Cajolá in Morristown is the Coordinator for Grupo Cajolá in Cajolá. Caryn Maxim, who traveled monthly to Cajolá from the beginning in 2005 through the beginning of the pandemic, is the Coordinator for Grupo Cajolá in North America.

Our Boards

AGCC new board.JPG
GCNA Board May 2022.JPG

Left to right: Sonia Velasquez, Marina Barillas, Yulisa Lopez, Analy Lucas, Flori Mencho, Claudia Lopez, Teresa Lopez, Cecilia Romero

Left to right: Ramon Huinil, Iraida Lopez, Amanda Mayer, Diana Crowder, Karen del Aguila, Briana Nichols.

Our Coordinators

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Josias Andres



Caryn Maxim

North America

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