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Our Teaching the Wisdom of our Elders Preschool is based on Mam culture and language.  Children are taught to read and write in Mam (as well as Spanish, of course). As we started the school we discovered that there are virtually no books written in the Mam language! With the help of a grant from National Geographic’s Genographic Legacy program and enormous support from Raxche Rodgriguez and his Editorial Maya’ Wuj we published two beautiful books in Mam.

Each book is based on the Nawals, or Energies, of the Maya cosmovision. Floridalma Mencho’s book emphasizes the connection between the specific animals of the energies using photographs. Ely Lopez's book emphasizes the message behind those animals. Ely’s book was beautifully illustrated by the author!

The books are available for sale in the US. The cost is $15 per book plus shipping. Please contact us at

UPDATE: Because two books do not make a body of literature to read, we have an on-going project to publish books in Mam. We are currently preparing 4 more books for preschool children, and have also begun a project to write books for older youth.

Please help us!

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Books in Mam

Childrens book in Mam
Mam book for children

The unveiling of our two books written in the Mam language.

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