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Our Internet Center was the very first project for Grupo Cajola, when the first two members of the group returned to Cajola in 2005. At that time there were no internet centers, and very little access to computers. Middle school students had to travel a half an hour plus pay their transportation to do their internet-based homework assignments. With the generous technical assistance of Community Enterprise Solutions we opened our internet center in September of 2005. Our internet signal came via satellite, the only option available in Cajola at that time.

Over time, other internet centers have popped up, and many households have computers. Our internet signal is now available through the cell phone network.


We moved our internet center closer to our headquarters in 2011, but that space was closed when the pandemic started. We moved our equipment and operated out of the preschool building (the preschoolers had relocated to a larger space to accommodate social distancing.)

And now -- we are renovating space in our headquarters.

We do not earn much money from people using the internet. Competition and economics limits our price to Q5 per hour (about $.67) but we sell various supplies (USB’s, phone chips), make copies, do investigations. Most importantly, we view it as a service to the community. 

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Internet Center

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