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Get Involved.

We are small and work from a bottom up approach. If you want to work with us, we will find out what you want to do, what your talents are and then figure out which of our many active projects or dreams you can help with. Read more about positions we are always looking for. 

Find out how you can use your network to help make real change in the lives of Guatemalans. 

Our organization is dedicated to developing the economy, providing quality education, and rebuilding a community. All of our projects are funded through your generous donations. 

What better way to understand our reality than to visit us in Cajolá. We are in the western highlands, the land of "eternal spring". We will put you to work with whatever projects we are into at the time. Previous guests have come singly, in pairs, or in small groups. 


Just send us an email to get the process started! It's a completely personalized experience.

We are always eager and willing to share information, ideas and experiences with anyone who is interested in learning. In Morristown, NJ immigrants involved in the organization are often willing to share their stories, experiences, opinions, hopes and dreams.


Caryn Maxim, the North American Coordinator, is always willing to share her points of view and present on a variety of topics including:

Guatemalan History and Current Human Rights Situation

Structural causes behind Immigration and what happens when immigrants arrive in the US

Contemporary Maya Mam culture

Adapting Reggio Emilia preschool philosophy to the Maya Mam community

Fair Trade in a Women's Weaving Cooperative

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