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The carpentry business was founded by a group of men inspired by the success of the women run businesses sprouting up in Cajolá. They saw the benefits gained from the Egg Farm and MayaMam Weavers and embarked on a journey to create something for them and their sons. 

In 2010, the building was erected and equipped with machinery. This self sustaining space has been home not only to carpentry projects, but also important apprentice training of young men when they are not at school. Unfortunately, we lose some of our well trained carpenters to migration. On the bright side, their skills help them return more quickly to Cajolá where they can build their own houses and contribute to out progressing community. That's the dream!

Our carpenters build beautiful furniture, doors, and small wooden projects including bowls and frames. They also specialize in creating a special ergonomic bench for back strap weavers in the community. Because of their skills, they are also called upon to build coffins when the need arises. 

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