In 2006, Grupo Cajolá, in collaboration with the Maya Educational Foundation, started a scholarship program for "básico" (middle school) and "diversificado" with 9 students. In 2007, we grew to 12 students, and further expanded in 2008 with 14 students.


In 2009, we were able to facilitate the founding of a new public middle school in Cajolá. As a result, we changed the middle school funding and implemented a university scholarship program.


Because our priority is developing professionals to work in Cajola, in 2013 we worked with the Maya Educational Foundation to phase out our high school scholarships and begin to support college level studies, both full time and weekend study.


In 2016 our 10 students are preparing to be a  doctor, lawyers, an anthropologist, an agronomist, teachers, and linguists. Imagine what the next census will reveal!

Scholarship Program

supporting scholars 

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