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2023 is the 17th year of our scholarship program in collaboration with the Maya Educational Foundation.

Our goals are to assist the youth of Cajolá to prepare for a professional career that allows them to work for the development of the community. We require students to attend monthly meetings where we can guide them on their scholastic achievements, where they can learn about career opportunities, the history of Guatemala, or current events in Guatemala. We also require 2 hours per month of volunteer service in one of our projects, hopefully related to the field they are studying.

To date 10 students have received bachelor's degrees, 12 have received associates degrees, 12 have graduated from secondary school/diversificado, and 17 have completed middle school.

Our program for 2024 is seeking funding for 26 students.

2 middle school students $260/year each

6 secondary/diversificado students $390/year each

14 students for part time university $585/year each

2 students for full time university $845/year each

2 students working on their masters $1040/year each

We are pleased to receive funding for the Joe Sarti Scholarship, organized by his family to recognize his commitment to Guatemala and education. The $2000 will be awarded to 4 part time university students pursuing pedagogy

Our total budget for 2024 is $14,805.

Scholarship Program

supporting scholars 

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Here is what a few of the scholarship students have to say about their scholarships:

“Your support allows us to continue to achieve our educational goals. It allows us to move forward and dream of a different system, a society with opportunities to live with dignity without migration.”

“The opportunities to study in Guatemala are very limited, especially when you are an indigenous woman, so it has been a great challenge for me to study medicine. Above all, it has been a great investment of time and money. I am grateful for the help I receive every month that allows me to continue with my studies. I strive every day to do my best to complete my degree.”

“The economic support has given me the opportunity to dream of a different town and achieve my primary goal, to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Accounting.”

“I consider education to be the primary tool to avoid migration.”

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