More than half of the women in the weaving cooperative had never been to school, or only had for a few years. We offer a literacy program which is credentialed by Guatemala’s education department. We require participation in the classes, which are held every weekday for an hour and fifteen minutes at two different levels, until the woman passes the sixth grade competency level.  We have a wonderful teacher who works hard to make sure that the students really learn reading (in Spanish and Mam) and mathematics. While learning these important skills they women also learn about health and hygiene, domestic violence, and history.

The two levels of classes to offer depend on where the majority of women are in their studying. The ones who are more or less advanced than the classes are required to attend weekend primary school. All expenses paid by Grupo Cajola.

an important beginning



of Cajola's women cannot read because they never had the opportunity

we want to change that

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