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Successful sustainable development is about providing startup capital as well as on-going training to a group interested in working in a cooperative business. Grupo Cajola’s goal is to create employment and purpose through sustainable businesses within Cajola to prevent the need to cross the border for financial security. The on-going technical training we provide depends on the needs of the specific business. These needs can range from training in administrative skills, business management, to collaboration. The Maya people are committed to working as a cooperative. 


Until Grupo Cajola, there were no other businesses offering regular employment or management skills in the area. Grupo Cajola understands that economic development is a long term process and is committed to supporting the businesses until they achieve independence.  Learn more about the businesses below! 

  starting a business is about more than investing money  

  Economic Development  

29% earn less than $60

33% earn between $60-$120

16% earn between $120-$180

6% earn between $180-240

Monthly Family Earnings

Unemployed                             4,218 

Farming                                3,041 

Students                            3,001 

Informal Counseling      2,478 

Housewives          1,279 

Merchants        846 

Quick look

at Cajola

Employment Population 

Best Egg-Laying Hens in Cajola is a business based in Guatemala that is run by female entrepreneurs.
Talent Tree Carpentry of Cajola is a business based in Guatemala to teach the young unique skills.
Honey of Cajola is a newly founded business in Cajola that helps increase honey harvests.

Explore our businesses.

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