Cajolá is a town of 16,000, located in the department (state) of Quetzeltenango.  93% of her people are Maya Mam.  The Mam are one of the largest Maya groups of Guatemala, and still speak their own language.  Cajolá was founded more than 500 years ago.  Her name means “Son of water” because of her rivers.  25% of her people live in the central, urbanized section while the other 75% live in the outlying rural area.  However, nearly 6,000 of her residents live outside of Cajolá, in the United States.  41% of her residents are less than 15 years old, and many are unable to attend school. Agriculture is the most important economic activity.  The culture of Cajolá is very traditional.  Sadly, Cajolá has a very high poverty index, 94% of her people live in poverty, 57% in extreme poverty (which means that there isn’t enough to eat each day).  Half of her children are chronically malnourished.  There is one health center that has one doctor, but there is no water or medicine available.  69% of her people are illiterate, 77% of her housing is in bad condition, 41% of the houses are overcrowded, 49% lack potable water, and 46% lack sanitary services.